Norway: SUP Winter Adventure

March 21, 2016

Get ready to join an amazing SUP adventure with us! Fanatic riders Kai-Nicolas Steimer and Lena Albrecht went on a unique SUP trip last month: Norway in January at around minus 21°C with three hours daylight per day. But they discovered really special landscapes and spots to explore with their SUPs. We got goose bumps when we watched it for the first time and still can´t get enough of it, hope you feel the same!

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Fanatic’s Surf range is based on the principles of focus and passion. Our most popular shapes and sizes are available in differnet constructions ensuring boards for all! Whatever your style or desires Fanatic makes sure that we can provide you with exactly what you need. An ecologically aware mindset is dedicated to cleaner, greener and better ways to make new boards and remain »Ocean Minded«.

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