Oculus: Introducing the Launch Games

March 17, 2016

We’re excited to announce the VR games launching with Oculus Rift! This incredible lineup represents years of work from a global community of developers who are pioneering the future of VR.

These games take you to the outer reaches of space, mysterious labyrinths of wonder, and fantastic worlds of adventure!

Learn more: http://ocul.us/GDC

The Oculus Rift is a virtual reality headset developed by Oculus, initially proposed as a Kickstarter campaign, during which Oculus, as an independent company, raised US$2.5 million from the campaign for the development of the product.[1]

The Rift has gone through various pre-production models since the Kickstarter campaign, around 5 of which were demonstrated to the public. Two of these models were made available for purchase, labelled as ‘development kits’; the DK1 in late 2012 and and DK2 in mid 2014, to give developers a chance to develop content on time for the Rift’s release. However, both were also purchased by a large number of enthusiasts who wished to get an early preview of the technology.[2]

The Rift has become popular for it’s use in video game culture, most notably YouTube culture, with many gamers,[3][4][5] as well as react channels,[6] using the Rift to demonstrate and entertain viewers and selected reactors.

The Rift has an OLED display, a 1080p, or 1080×1200, resolution per eye, a 90 Hz refresh rate, and a 110° field of view.[7][8] It has integrated headphones which provide a 3D audio effect, rotational and positional tracking. The positional tracking is performed by a USB stationary IR sensor, which normally sits on the user’s desk, allowing for using the Rift while sitting, standing, or walking around the same room.[9]

The Rift is scheduled for release on 28 March 2016, making it the first to kickstart consumer-targeted virtual reality headsets.



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