Logically Answered: What Happened To The Pirate Bay’s Founders?

February 9, 2022

Ever since the internet really started to pick up steam, the go-to place to get pirated software, games, and movies has always been The Pirate Bay. As a result, copyright holders and prosecutors have been trying to shut down The Pirate Bay and put the founders behind bars for years. While prosecutors did eventually succeed in putting all the founders behind bars and charging them with hefty fines, they were never able to take down The Pirate Bay.

The police actually raided The Pirate Bay’s servers twice and impounded everything, but it was just a matter of time until a new version popped up. Originally, it was just the founders relaunching the website, but now the founders are not even involved. And, with how big the pirating community is, it doesn’t seem like The Pirate Bay is going anywhere anytime soon. This video explains the story of The Pirate Bay and what happened to The Pirate Bay’s Founders.



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