James Mackie: Microsoft HoloLens – Holograms will shape the future!

August 21, 2016

Dive into the future with mixed reality, firstly I demonstrate the most advanced holographic applications on the HoloLens followed by suggestions and innovative ideas of how augmented reality will impact our future.

Hi, my name is James Mackie the Mad Scientist,

I am here in Tokyo for my follow-up to the first Microsoft HoloLens video which received one million views, this time I am going to dive even deeper into some more advanced augmented and mixed reality applications.

I geometrically mapped the aeroplane so I could pin holograms to different parts of the plane and also watch holograms in the spaces. As you can see, it’s surprisingly accurate and I can map just about every single piece of furniture, ceiling, wall or floor. If I save this mapping I can then view this space later on.

I can interact with the hologram and it knows where I am and where it is.

So now I am in my hotel room, would you rather watch this TV ? Or this one ?

And in the gym. Now I know this looks really shaky but that’s because it’s on my head and obviously I am working out so my head is shaking around. But for me, it’s perfectly aligned. I can shake my head as much as I want and everything stays in the same place, the holograms always look very crisp and stationary.

Ok Arnie are you listening ? I’ve got an idea, 360 video and 3D holograms already exist, on the HoloLens. What if when I was in this gym, or any gym, it was geometrically mapped, and then all of a sudden I’m in Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach. AKA your gym, you (Arnold Schwarzenegger) are working out next to me on one of the benches, Louis Ferrigno is working out next to me shouting “James, just one more rep, one more rep”. That would be such an awesome AR immersive experience.

This augmented reality game is called RoboRaid, and as the name suggests it’s robots raiding my home, or hotel room. When I click to fire into the wall a hole is created and you can see right into the back of the wall, you can see wooden beams so that when I move my head, it does feel as if there are holes in the wall. I also have to duck the robots MR lasers.

And this is really spatial computing at its best.

Ok, so this is called Fragments, get ready for this one !

Now just look how my hotel room has been transformed into wooden floor boards.

So that was Fragments on the Microsoft HoloLens which was an incredible mixed reality experience to be part of where I had these 3D volumetric characters to interact with. But I can’t help thinking about the real life implications of this headset / HMD (head mounted display), what about people who are partially sighted and AR / MR could be used to fill in the blanks. Or what about people with Alzheimer’s who need a memory recoiled when a family member is about to visit. Just before the family member visits, the hologram or memory is placed into the patient’s FoV, field of view. The potential real life scenarios and implications of AR is very important and exciting.

I move as close as I can to these characters and you can see all of the pigments of their skin, and the fine lines on their faces.

What I want to get across here is the quality of the faces of these holograms, I’ve used VR and this is just as good if not better. So yes, AR / MR does have more uses than VR.

Now I am in Okinawa aquarium. I wonder what these whale sharks would make of this white shark, if, they could see what I can see.

And do these whale sharks really need to be here if we can live stream their holographic selves ?

Just to give you an idea of scaling holograms, I continually enlarged the holographic shark without limitation. As you can see the shark is larger than the whale sharks in the aquarium, and as large as the width of the aquarium wall which is 35 metres long.

Is this the largest hologram in the world ?

No one is an AR expert.
We think we know about the possibilities of what AR can achieve, but we have absolutely NO idea.
With MR our reality is based on what we see, our brain then translates this information into our temporal perceived reality, and now with AR we can add anything into that mix.
So surely it’s not just the end of the PC display, it’s the end of smart phone, the end of forgetting stuff, the end of printed advertising.

In my next video I am going to go into a rant about Unity and how and why I think you should start thinking of ideas for 3D holographic apps to create because it’s going to be the next huge technology megatrend and the tools are already there to start building these augmented reality and mixed reality apps.

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