The Future of Visual Effects (VFX)

August 20, 2017

The Future of Visual Effects (VFX)

The future of visual effects in films, TV, and VR; from crossing the uncanny valley in human animation, to light-field camera technology that will change the way moving images are captured.

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Video by Bryce Plank
Editing by Robin West

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Visual effects have come a long way in the 124 years since we first set eyes on the motion picture. Today, the world’s most talented vfx studios create films and TV shows that seamlessly blend the digital image with the analog, allowing artists to make their wildest dreams come to life on the big screen. The full maturation of the tools used by creators working on the cutting edge of the industry – like computer-generated worlds, real-time previewing of motion capture, cloud-based rendering, and hyper realistic digital humans – has laid the groundwork for the media revolution we’re about to experience as 360 degree Virtual Reality goes mainstream.

This is a look at the near-term future of visual effects.



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