Devinsupertramp: JetPack! Rocketeer in Real Life! – 4K

February 27, 2017

Devinsupertramp: JetPack! Rocketeer in Real Life! – 4K

Huge thanks to Jet Pack Aviation for letting us come out to California and be the ones that got to film this amazing new technology! Make sure to check them out and support them in what they are doing because this team is changing the world with these JetPack inventions!


Filmed by Tyson Henderson and Carter Hogan using the RED Weapon, DJI Phantom 4, DJI Inspire 1, the Phantom Miro, and the GoPro Hero 4.

Edited and Colored by Tyson Henderson using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

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Jet pack, rocket belt, rocket pack and similar names are used for various types of devices, usually worn on the back, that are propelled by jets of escaping gases (or in some cases water) to let a single user propel him or herself into the air or fly.

The concept emerged from science fiction in the 1960s and became popular as the technology became a reality. The most common use of the jet pack has been in extra-vehicular activities for astronauts. Despite decades of advancement in the technology, many obstacles remain in the way of use of the jetpack in the military or as a means of personal transport, including the challenges of Earth’s atmosphere, Earth’s gravity, low energy density of available fuels, and the human body not being naturally adapted to fly. To compensate for the limitations of the human body, the jet pack must accommodate for all factors of flight such as lift and stabilization.



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