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The Ranks of Global Billionaires: Not All B...

Jul 14, 2021No Comments

Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, two gentlemen fighting back and forth for the title of world richest man. These two individuals seem very very similar,

Vox: How the rich avoid paying taxes

Jul 09, 2021No Comments

The richest in America don't make money like most Americans. Most people pay income taxes from a regular job. But many in the top 1%

CNBC: How The Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

May 17, 2021No Comments

The more money you make, the more you have to pay in taxes, right? Not always. The ultra-wealthy typically take advantage of rules in the

Luxe Queen: Most Expensive Luxurious Homes ...

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AH, London. Home to red buses, the big ben and that giant ferris wheel. Oh, and these luxury estates. Thank you for watching "10 Most

Louis Rossmann: Why mainstream media’...

Jan 26, 2021No Comments

Louis Rossmann: Why mainstream media's slander of Reddit wallstreetbets pisses me off (GME)

Vice: The Ex-Banker on Cocaine Binges &...

Nov 14, 2020No Comments

“It’s an industry that rewards psychopaths.” As the global economy is potentially looking at a deep recession due to COVID-19 just after recovering from the

PCAHQ: The White Collection (Porsche)

Nov 10, 2018No Comments

PCAHQ: The White Collection (Porsche) In the hyperactive/hyper-competitive Porsche world, it can seem like there’s nothing truly new under the sun — no car undiscovered,

Zara: How a Spaniard Invented Fast Fashion

Mar 29, 2017No Comments

Zara: How a Spaniard Invented Fast Fashion Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer. Zara was founded in 1975 by Amancio Ortega. Zara is

For Sale: 924 Bel Air Rd. California

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For Sale: 924 Bel Air Rd. California Bel Air, Bel-Air or Bel Air Estates[1] is a neighborhood in the Westside area of Los Angeles, California,

Patek Philippe 5175R Grandmaster Chime Watc...

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The most complex watches are extraordinary works of art. Devices which are simultaneously pieces of sculpture and the highest refinements of the mechanical arts, trying