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Jonny Keeley: Instagram DOESN’T NEED ...

May 04, 2022No Comments

It's the end of an era on Instagram, let me explain why I think it's so hard to gain more instagram followers in 2022.

Captain Midnight: Netflix Has to Change

Apr 25, 2022No Comments

Netflix has had a rocky go of it in 2022, in this video I dig into why. With competitors like HBO Max, Disney Plus and

Quantum Tech HD: Amazing Inventions & ...

Apr 05, 2022No Comments

It's incredible what the human mind can invent to make life easier. Watch this review of new inventions and tell us what you think in

Escape from the Office | Apple at Work

Mar 14, 2022No Comments

The Underdogs are back in business — as in, small business. Escaping from their evil boss’s clutches, the team finds out how to spin an

Tech Vision: How The Internet Travels Acros...

Feb 26, 2022No Comments

How the internet travels across oceans. 99% of all internet traffic – from this video to your Pokemon Go account to your family WhatsApp group

Market Insider: Google Is More Evil Than Yo...

Feb 18, 2022No Comments

Google is a cool company, right? "Don't be evil" - their motto says. What could possibly go wrong here?

Logically Answered: What Happened To The Pi...

Feb 09, 2022No Comments

Ever since the internet really started to pick up steam, the go-to place to get pirated software, games, and movies has always been The Pirate

Ex Machina, Blade Runner, & Her: The E...

Jan 17, 2022No Comments

In this video, we discuss the complexity and sociological implications of characters falling in love with artificially intelligent androids, particularly in the films Ex Machina,

The School of Life: What Dating Apps Misund...

Dec 30, 2021No Comments

Dating apps have given us so many opportunities to find partners - but they haven't made it any easier for us to secure and build

The Tragic Tale of Notch (Markus Persson, M...

Dec 29, 2021No Comments

Minecraft wouldn't be the same without Notch. Well, mainly because he created it. In the beginning, Notch was considered a god, but after cashing out