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ILM: The Virtual Production of The Mandalor...

Feb 21, 2020No Comments

A behind the scenes look at the groundbreaking virtual production technology used on The Mandalorian, Season One. Over 50 percent of The Mandalorian Season 1

VFX Geek: Virtual sets in Mandalorian

Feb 13, 2020No Comments

Take a look how Star Wars again pushed the limits of visual effects, by using "virtual sets" in Mandalorian, with help of Unreal Engine.

Star Wars: Legacy Trailer | The Skywalker S...

Feb 10, 2020No Comments

Full trailer on the lineage of the Skywalker bloodline.

ILM: The Visual Effects of Star Wars: The R...

Feb 05, 2020No Comments

Take a look behind the scenes of ILM's visual effects work on STAR WARS : THE RISE OF SKYWALKER in this all-new breakdown video. The

Star Wars: The Clone Wars | Official Traile...

Jan 22, 2020No Comments

Witness the end of the groundbreaking series. The final season of StarWars: The Clone Wars starts streaming Feb. 21 on DisneyPlus. One of the most

The Hacksmith: World’s First Protosab...

Dec 21, 2019No Comments

The Hacksmith: World's First Protosaber! (LIGHTSABER)

Porsche and Star Wars: “The Designer Alli...

Dec 17, 2019No Comments

Witness what happens when two worlds separated by time and space come together to create a special starship.


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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker | “Duel...

Dec 03, 2019No Comments

See Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker in theaters December 20.

Star Wars: Dark Empire Episode 1, The Desti...

Nov 05, 2019No Comments

Years after the battle of Endor, a new danger threatens the galaxy. It's up to Luke, Leia, Han, and Chewie to once more rise to