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Dude Perfect Rewind 2018

Jan 02, 2019No Comments

Dude Perfect Rewind 2018   Two BRAND NEW series and over 2.6 Billion views later, 2018 was the best year yet! ► Click HERE to

How Millennials Became the Selfie Generatio...

May 02, 2018No Comments

How Millennials Became the Selfie Generation | Obsessions | The New Yorker We look at how society became fascinated with its own image, and try


Apr 30, 2018No Comments

“INTERROGATING ZUCKERBERG” — A Bad Lip Reading Tension mounted during Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearing… Follow on Twitter! http://twitter.com/badlipreading Follow on Instagram: @badlipreading Like on Facebook!

PewDiePie: Greentext Memes

Mar 27, 2018No Comments

PewDiePie: Greentext Memes Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg[5] (/ˈʃɛlbɜːrɡ/ SHEL-burg;[6] Swedish: [ˈfeːlɪks ²ɕɛlːˌbærj] (About this sound listen);[7] born 24 October 1989), known online as PewDiePie (/ˈpjuːdipaɪ/

Broadly: Meet Coco, the Six Year Old Instag...

Aug 31, 2017No Comments

Broadly: Meet Coco, the Six Year Old Instagram Star Coco first learned about fashion from her parents who run a vintage clothing store in the

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 2 (De...

Dec 24, 2016No Comments

Ultimate Fails Compilation 2016: Part 2 (December 2016) || FailArmy Part 2 of the our favorite fails of the year!! If you have a favorite,

WIRED: Inside Facebook’s Quest to Bea...

Nov 14, 2016No Comments

Inside Facebook’s Quest to Beam the Internet Via Solar Drone | WIRED A WIRED exclusive look at how Facebook will beam the internet with Aquila,

Being “The Pretty Girl” Isn’t Always ...

Nov 21, 2015No Comments

Presenting Caitlin Stasey, an Australian actress in Hollywood who has harnessed her anger against the systematic sexism of the film and television industries into a

FailArmy: Instant Karma Fails Compilation

Jun 14, 2015No Comments

FailArmy: Sometimes people get what they deserve. It is especially enjoyable when they try to punk someone and end up getting punk’d themselves. Here are