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Ben Eater: Why was Facebook down for five h...

Oct 19, 2021No Comments

Facebook was down for five hours last week. What happened and what do DNS and BGP have to do with it?

Vice: The Horrors of Being a Facebook Moder...

Jul 26, 2021No Comments

Traumatic content such as hate speech, porn and brutal violence are just some of the topics this Facebook content moderator was faced with on a

Oculus: Introducing Oculus Quest 2

Sep 22, 2020No Comments

Oculus Quest 2: Introducing our most advanced all-in-one VR system yet. Explore an expansive library of awe-inspiring games and immersive experiences with unparalleled freedom. There’s

James Jani: The INSANE Story of Instagram

May 25, 2020No Comments

The story of Instagram is one of my favorite examples of lean startup principles in action... Imagine you created a company, and in 3

Oculus: Welcome to Facebook Horizon

Sep 30, 2019No Comments

Welcome to Facebook Horizon, an ever-expanding, thriving VR world where you can explore, play, and create. There’s no end in sight to the extraordinary adventures

Homer, Katrin and Janine Eat Their Way Thro...

Aug 29, 2019No Comments

Two Swiss girls love the Simpsons as much as they love New Orleans. So of course they needed to recreate this sequence! __ Thanks to


Jul 31, 2019No Comments

The Sidemen take on the task of becoming parents for the day, Who do you think will be the best parent out of the Sidemen?

Laina: Breaking Up with You…Tube

Jul 26, 2019No Comments

In 2019, Laina Morris announced her departure from YouTube and posted a video on July 25, 2019 detailing that she is no longer going to

Inside the traumatic life of a Facebook mod...

Jun 26, 2019No Comments

Former Facebook content moderators are speaking out about their working conditions in the United States for the first time ever.

Casey Neistat: Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment - Technology news - Buttondown.tv

Casey Neistat: Building a $58 Million NYC A...

May 20, 2019No Comments

Casey Neistat: Building a $58 Million NYC Apartment RYAN’S CHANNEL – https://bit.ly/2ExFwII Music in this video by – https://soundcloud.com/philipemorris Casey Neistat (/ˈnaɪstæt/;[2] born March 25, 1981)[3] is an