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The School of Life: What Dating Apps Misund...

Dec 30, 2021No Comments

Dating apps have given us so many opportunities to find partners - but they haven't made it any easier for us to secure and build

Getting to the Bottom of What the 5G Fuss i...

May 18, 2020No Comments

The claims and conspiracy theories surrounding the launch of 5G networks have been shocking. In the most extreme cases, people linking the technology with the

The History of Mobile Phones

Aug 05, 2019No Comments

A collection of the most iconic and important cell phones over the last 3 decades, starting from the Motorola Dynatec. History of the Cell Phone

Pixel 3A Image - Pixel Review - Technology news - Buttondown.tv

The Verge: Google Pixel 3A review

May 10, 2019No Comments

Google Pixel 3A review Google’s Pixel 3A or Pixel 3A XL is the best phone under $500, and it’s actually competitive with more expensive phones

Introducing PhotoScan by Google Photos

Nov 17, 2016No Comments

Photos from the past, meet scanner from the future. Get the new PhotoScan app by Google Photos, available now on Android and soon on iOS.

Drake & T-Mobile |”Restricted Bl...

Feb 03, 2016No Comments

What are the carriers doing in Drake’s box? Probably hiding fees. #YouGotCarriered

ColdfusTion: The Future of Smartphones

May 03, 2015No Comments

What will the smartphone be like in the future? Let’s check out the possibilities.