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Jordan Klepper Debates Anti-Vax Mandate Pro...

Aug 24, 2021No Comments

Is it fascism? Is it communism? It is somehow both? Jordan Klepper hits the streets of NYC to see why some people are up in

Dr. Simone Gold – The truth about the...

Jan 15, 2021No Comments

Dr. Simone Gold - The truth about the CV19 vaccine

Covid-19: why vaccine mistrust is growing |...

Jan 03, 2021No Comments

Covid-19: why vaccine mistrust is growing. The economist. A vaccine for covid-19 could be rolled out before the end of the year. But a worrying

Vice: There’s a Lot We Don’t Know About...

Dec 15, 2020No Comments

Here is what we do and don't know about the COVID vaccine.

60 Minutes: “Post-acute COVID-19 Synd...

Nov 30, 2020No Comments

COVID-19 Syndrome": COVID "long-haulers" suffering symptoms months after initial diagnosis. Doctors are still searching for answers to why a portion of people who were diagnosed

Vice: The Pregnant Doc Telling the Truth Ab...

Nov 23, 2020No Comments

As the coronavirus pandemic spread throughout the population, hospitals became overrun with patients. The lack of personal protective equipment meant that doctors, nurses and other

Dr. Roger Hodkinson on how governments resp...

Nov 20, 2020No Comments

Dr. Roger Hodkinson offers his informed perspective to Edmonton’s City Council on how governments responded to COVID-19. He has called for the end of restrictions,

Nowness: Dying from ‘overwork’...

Nov 01, 2020No Comments

In the late hours of the evening, across the neon-lit streets of Tokyo and Osaka, it is not uncommon to discover starch-suited businessmen asleep in

Dissenting scientists issue Covid-19 herd i...

Oct 11, 2020No Comments

Great Barrington Declaration - Freddie Sayers talks to eminent epidemiologists Dr Sunetra Gupta, Dr Jay Bhattacharya and Dr. Martin Kulldorff, who met in Massachusetts to

Jonathan Pie: Put a F**king Mask On!

Jul 25, 2020No Comments

Jonathan Pie: Put a F**king Mask On! Jonathan Pie is a fictional character created and portrayed by English comedian Tom Walker. A political correspondent, Pie