The KVB – White Walls (Moth Club London 05/04/2016)

August 17, 2016

The KVB is a British indie rock duo based in London and active since 2010 . The band plays a qualified music post-punk , gothic andshoegazing which is often likened to that played by the groups Jesus and Mary Chain , A Place to Bury Strangers , The Soft Moon or Tropic of Cancer

The group began as a solo project of musician Nick Wood who officiates under the name of Klaus Von Barrel , . He published his first disc on the Free Loving Anarchist label in 2010 . In 2011, various physical or digital publications on various independent labels such as BEKO , which will succeed the cassette Subjection / Subordination . Keyboardist Kat Day joined the group at the end of 2011 . 2012 saw the release of the albumAlways Then . In 2013 the group published the album Visions Immaterial the City Trax label, a subdivision of Minimal Wave label . Part of the tracks on this album will be remixed by other artists and released on an EP called Immaterial Visions Remixes . In the same year, the album Minus One, previously available only on the Internet, has a real issue with A Records, the label Anton Newcombe of The Brian Jonestown Massacre , and was well received. In parallel an Australian tour opening for The Brian Jonestown Massacre, the two groups shared publish a single .



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