Fuck it up – Louis Cole/ Knower (Live Sesh)

October 8, 2018

Fuck it up – Louis Cole (Live Sesh)

Louis Cole studied music in Los Angeles, California, graduating from the Jazz Studies program at USC Thornton in 2009.[5] He became good friends with fellow musician Jack Conte in 2006. Both composed and recorded some songs which are present on Conte’s YouTube channel. Conte suggested Cole start releasing his music online. Genevieve Artadi also studied music in Los Angeles. She received her Bachelors in Jazz Studies at California State University (CSU) Northridge, and her master’s degree in CSU Long Beach. Genevieve also teaches Jazz vocals and music at the Musicians Institute. Louis Cole met Genevieve Artadi through the LA-based saxophonist Robby Marshall. They then joined forces in 2009 to begin creating electro-pop/funk/jazz music.[6][not in citation given] They released their first album in 2010. In addition, they maintain their own respective channels, often collaborating on each other’s solo releases.



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