The Richest: Africa’s $6 Billion Dollar Futuristic City In The Sea

June 20, 2021

Eko Atlantic City will soon be Nigeria’s futuristic city on the sea. It is being built on reclaimed land in the Atlantic ocean and will feature numerous luxurious apartment complexes and skyscrapers. The new city will feature numerous marinas including one at Eko Energy Estate and another at Azuri Peninsula. Notable developments include the Eko Atlantic Mall, Lagos Sky Tower, Alpha 1 Tower, and Eko Pearl Towers. Eko Pearl Towers is made up of five unique residential towers and 2 corporate towers. The top floors of the Residential Towers are where you’ll find some extremely luxurious penthouses. The Lagos Sky Tower will include a rooftop bar and rooftop infinity pool where guests can relax and swim.

Eko Boulevard will be lined with corporate and financial buildings, and the centrally located Eko Atlantic City Canal will make traveling from district to district a breeze. The Harbour Lights District of Eko Atlantic City will be home to the Church of All Nations. The Church of All Nations is both a Church and an apartment complex. The bottom half of the building will consist of residences while the top will house a massive church complete with a church bell and giant cross. All you’ll have to do is hop in a water taxi. Are you ready to take a tour of Eko Atlantic City? We’re going to show you what this amazing city will look like in a few short years. Keep watching this video to find out more about Nigeria’s Eko Atlantic City.



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