Tokyo Bon 2020 (Makudonarudo) Namewee ft. Meu Ninomiya

January 28, 2018

Tokyo Bon 2020 (Makudonarudo) Namewee ft. Meu Ninomiya

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“Tokyo Bon 2020” is a co-production with the largest influencer marketing company in Japan – Cool Japan TV. The Bon Odori dance is choreographed by the award winner Japanese traditional dancer – Ukon Takafuji.

The song combines Japan traditional music elements with Asia pop, giving the song dynamic energy that has never been heard before. The song also potrayes the unique and cute sound of Japanglish, the friendship beyond the border, and the love for Japanese cultures.

Bon Odori is a traditional Japanese dance that performed all over Japan with people holding hands together and dancing in a circle. The song contains a wish for world peace where people from different backgrounds hold hands together, and an invitation to the largest festival of peace – “Tokyo Olympics 2020”.

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