Storm Freerun – Drone Parkour in 4K

March 21, 2016

STORM IS CHANGING! Over the next few months we’ll start to produce more regular content including training videos and higher production videos. These videos will be posted either on here (our YT page) or on the Storm Freerunning Facebook page (link below) so make sure you subscribe to Storm here and like our Facebook page!

Eric, Kie and Giles shot this Parkour video using the DJI Inspire 1 Pro drone around Brighton and Newhaven over the space of 2 days. It originally started out as a test project as the equipment is relatively new, but we were so happy with the shots, we compiled them together into a video for you guys.

The video was shot in 4K 24 fps using the Zenmuse X5 with a 15mm DJI and 45mm Olympus lens. We then compressed it using pro res to the 1080p version you watch here.

Parkour – Eric Moor
Drone Pilot – Kie Willis
Camera Operator – Giles Campbell Longley

Big thanks to everyone that has supported Storm Freerun and purchased clothing. Its made us able to self-fund videos like this and offer sponsorships and other opportunities to deserving athletes!

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