Star Wars: Legacy Trailer | The Skywalker Saga

February 10, 2020

Jon Arryn Garza: Full trailer on the lineage of the Skywalker bloodline. I used several trailer tracks and composed music myself for the score as well, so thank you, John Williams. I love Star Wars. I would also recommend for best listening experience, use headphones as I incorporated several instances of two characters speaking the same dialogue to emphasize what was spoken.

To download the Trailer Track I created, it’s here: https://soundcloud.com/aaron_slightly… Tracks Used: – The Rise Of Skywalker Final Trailer (Rearranged) – The Force Awakens Trailer (Rearranged) – The Rise Of Skywalker Teaser Trailer – My own ambiance/choir/drums/sound design in Ableton Live 10



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