Recycled: Animation by Lei Lei + Thomas Sauvin

February 13, 2016

From 2011 to 2013, Chinese artist Lei Lei selected over 3000 photos to create the animation you are about to see, an almost epic portrait of anonymous humanity.

The images come from negatives salvaged from a recycling plant on the edge of Beijing, where they had been sent to be filtered for their silver nitrate content.Over the years French collector Thomas Sauvin built this archive of more than half a million 35mm negatives, depicting the capital and the life of her inhabitants over the last thirty years.

The film is the winner of Grand Prix shorts – non-narrative at the 2013 Holland International animation film festival, Nenarativní animace at the 12th Anifest International animation festival, Special Mentions by the jury members in 12th Countryside Animafest Cyprus. and Official Selected by Annecy International Animation Festival 2013.


Qu Leilei (曲磊磊, born 1951)[1] is a contemporay Chinese artist currently based in the UK. After Qu left China, he relocated to London to practice his art, lecture and exhibit internationally.[3] His paintings were exhibited at a solo display in the Ashmolean Museum at Oxford in 2005,[3] the first time in the Ashmolean that a show was devoted singly to the work of a living artist.[4][5] He has also had a solo exhibiton at Beijings National Gallery and his works have been exhibited and collected worldwide and by museums includilng the British Museum and the V&A in London. His work at the British museum is now part of their permanent collection and this was marked with a symposium about himself and the Stars movement and his work



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