McTavish Surfboards – Dirt Nap

February 12, 2017

McTavish Surfboards – Dirt Nap

Attention to detail is important, and when you’re a designer it naturally becomes a part of your everyday focus. A number of small details come together and the design becomes a ’sum of all parts’ – both functional and beautiful. This is certainly the case with the Dirt Nap – Designed by Ben McTavish it is a thing of unquestionable beauty, but whose good looks stem from a need for versatility in the water. Its narrow waist brings trim speed, its soft rails bring a seamless transition through turns, and its defined nose concave generates lift when you need it most.

The construction of the Dirt Nap continues this detail theme. A unique clustered 3 stringer glue-up, a white or pastel 8oz pigment deck and rails, wide laps and an 8oz volan insert form the base, then work in with more subtle details like the clear glass-on leash loop and pin-line free lamination, which showcases Bill McLeans perfect cut-laps. Simplicity forms the basis for this model, and as such there are only 3 available sizes and 3 available colours.

A board of such calibre deserves a rider and a clip to match, so we’ve chosen Byron Bays own Josie Prendergast, and award-winning local film-maker Stefan Jose to introduce to you, the 2017 Dirt Nap.


Surfer: Josie Prendergast

Directed, Filmed and Edited by Stefan José




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