Looper: Why Netflix May Be In Big Trouble

November 13, 2019

For years, the name ‘Netflix’ has been synonymous with endless, joyful binge-watching — but current trends suggest that the company could be facing some seriously rough terrain in its bid to remain the world’s premier streaming service. Here’s why Netflix might be in seriously big trouble.

There hardly seems to be a month that goes by in which some Netflix original movie or series doesn’t light up the world of pop culture, but it’s quickly becoming apparent that this knack for success can be a double-edged sword. The massive amounts of money that Netflix have sunk into their original offerings has certainly paid off, with series like 13 Reasons Why and Stranger Things and films such as Bird Box becoming the kind of cultural touchstones once exclusively produced by cable networks such as HBO. However, a problem with this model has reared its ugly head: Netflix is starting to pick up a reputation for axing shows before they’ve had time to develop. Fans were particularly irked by the cancellation of the critically adored One Day at a Time after three seasons, and the unceremonious axing of Tuca & Bertie shortly after its first season debuted. Netflix famously only share viewership numbers when they feel like it, so fans can’t even get a good idea of just how poorly a series has to perform before the axe falls. This trend of abrupt cancellations is only getting more pronounced as Netflix’s original library expands, leaving many fans feeling that it’s just not worth investing in them in the first place. Netflix will spend $15 billion on original content in 2019, a budget which has steadily increased year after year. But in contrast to recent years, the streamer’s efforts to field something for everyone is beginning to lead to an increasingly crowded and confusing field of originals. This can be a problem for some of Netflix’s offerings, as the platform’s algorithm can often fail to suggest shows that might interest certain viewers, at least partially because there’s just so much available. Keep watching the video to see the real reason why Netflix may be in big trouble! #Netflix



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