Jesse JR: The Dark Knight

September 14, 2020

Gosh this video was so hard to make, harder than i thought it would be. But i’m such a fan of Christopher Nolan and especially of the Dark Knight Trilogy which i think is one of the best trilogy ever made on cinema. I really tried to focus on Batman/Bruce Wayne and to take a look at his journey through the three movies. To dive into his personality, his ambitions, his journey to become a symbol of Gotham, to fight his fears, to see his doubts and failings, to see him fall and rise again. All that makes him the great hero that he is. Once again, i used the score of Zimmer because when i think of The Dark Knight, i can’t think of anything else but that. I hope you will find this interesting, and not too boring. Anyway, tell me what you think of this and enjoy. PS : Sorry for the complete lack of originality on the thumbnail, i literally spent hours trying to find the right one, but nothing worked, so at some point i said fuck it and took the one everyone used, sorry about that.



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