IGN: How Top Gun: Maverick’s Breathtaking Effects Were Achieved

May 23, 2022

10,966 views May 23, 2022 Here’s how the Top Gun Maverick flying scenes were made. See how the Top Gun Maverick cast and crew prepared for these Top Gun Maverick scenes and Top Gun Maverick stunts, from filming the exciting Top Gun plane clips fit for an action movie, to some hardcore Tom Cruise flying lessons.

We spoke to Top Gun Maverick director Joe Kosinski and star Miles Teller about how Top Gun: Maverick’s astonishing aerial sequences were achieved using unprecedented practical effects, and a rigorous training program designed by Maverick himself, Tom Cruise. Join us for a look at Top Gun Maverick behind the scenes.

Top Gun: Maverick is exclusively in UK cinemas May 25 and May 27 in the US, in 4DX and IMAX.



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