Disney Pixar – Piper

November 2, 2016

Pixar – A mother bird tries to teach her little one how to find food by herself. In the process, she encounters a traumatic experience that she must overcome in order to survive.

In Pixar Animation Studios’ new short, “Piper,” a hungry sandpiper hatchling discovers that finding food without mom’s help isn’t so easy.

Piper is directed by Alan Barillaro (supervising animator “WALL•E,” “Brave”) and the short will debut in front of Finding Dory, in UK cinemas on July 29, 2016

Pixar Animation Studios (Pixar) (/ˈpɪksɑːr/), is an American computer animation film studio based in Emeryville, California. Pixar is a subsidiary of The Walt Disney Company. Luxo Jr., a character from the 1986 short film of the same name, is the studio’s mascot.

Pixar has produced 17 feature films, beginning with Toy Story (1995), which was the first-ever computer-animated feature film, and its most recent being Finding Dory (2016). All 17 films have debuted with CinemaScore ratings of at least “A−,” indicating positive receptions with audiences.[4] The studio has also produced several short films. As of October 2016, its feature films have made $10.8 billion worldwide,[5] with an average worldwide gross of $634 million per film.[6] Finding Dory, along with its predecessor Finding Nemo (2003) as well as Toy Story 3 (2010), are among the 50 highest-grossing films of all time, with Toy Story 3 being the third all-time highest animated film with a gross of $1.063 billion, behind Walt Disney Animation StudiosFrozen (2013) and Illumination Entertainment‘s Minions (2015), which grossed $1.276 billion and $1.159 billion respectively in their initial releases as of 2016. Fourteen of Pixar’s films are also among the 50 highest-grossing animated films of all time.



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