i-D Meets: New Skater Girls

January 27, 2018

i-D Meets: New Skater Girls

With filmmaker Ophelia Wynne we step inside the world of Brighton skater Rianne as she recounts her journey from watching her brother to hitting the streets herself in search of adventure, hanging with her skater friends, to falling in love with the subculture, to after party with all her skater pals she has met along the way.

Director Ophelia Wynne
Skater Rianne Evans
Producer Andrea Land
Global Executive Producer Eloise King

Director of Photography Alex Forsey
Sound Recordist Marco Curcio
Script Editor Katie Glass

Editor Maxim Young

Production Manager Lauran Clark
Production Coordinator Rosa Harris Edmonds

Post Production Manager Tom Lynch
Post Production Coordinator Regina Lemaire-Costa

Director of Licensing Cristina Lombardo
Senior Music Supervisor, EMEA Alex Benge
Music Supervisor Bonnie Reilly

Senior Designer Rebecca Boyd-Wallis
Designer Kristina Britton

Production Accountant David Gray

Equipment Manager Richard Smith
Equipment Assistant Henry Cotsford

Post Tech Supervisor Dominic Brouard

Senior VP Production, Bree Horn
Production Executive Shelley Hurley

Head of Post Production Daniel Elias

Channel Manager, UK Jordan Joseph

“Strange Waves”
“Let Her Love In”
“First of May”
Written and performed by Shock Machine
Courtesy of Marathon Artists, James Righton and Machine Management

Archive Video Courtesy of Rianne Evans, Nora Vasconscellos


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