Collider: Frank Miller Interview

January 21, 2019

In a new episode of Comic Book Shopping, we’re joined by legendary comics creator Frank Miller. He talks about his career, the inspiration behind his work, and his thoughts on modern superhero movies. He also discuss adaptations of his own work and teases future projects, including a Western Sin City prequel. If you like comics and celebrity interviews, this is your show. Each week we’re joined by a new guest who hits up a local comic book shop with host Jon Schnepp and peruses the wares while also discussing their career, upcoming projects, and of course their favorite comic books. In this week’s episode, Miller joins Schnepp at Meltdown Comics. He talks about how he first came to love comic books, the inspiration behind Ronin, how The Dark Knight Returns came about and what his original idea for the story was, as well as the impact of that comic on the industry and comics fans. Miller also talks about forging his own original characters with Sin City and his collaboration with Robert Rodriguez on the movies, as well as other adaptations of his work that he’s not involved with like Netflix’s Daredevil and the inclusion of Elektra. Miller also teases future projects, saying he has more historical work along the lines of 300 coming up, and give his thoughts on the current superhero movies, singling out Wonder Woman and Spider-Man: Homecoming as some of his recent favorites. Miller and Schnepp also, of course, go perusing the aisles of the store and pick up some comics.

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Frank Miller (born January 27, 1957)[1][2] is an American comic book writer, novelist, inker, screenwriter, film director, and producer best known for his comic book stories and graphic novels such as RoninDaredevil: Born AgainThe Dark Knight ReturnsBatman: Year OneSin City, and 300.

He also directed the film version of The Spirit, shared directing duties with Robert Rodriguez on Sin City and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, and produced the film 300. His film Sin City earned a Palme d’Or nomination, and he has received every major comic book industry award. In 2015, Miller was inducted into the Will Eisner Award Hall of Fame.

He created the comic book characters Elektra for Marvel Comics‘ Daredevil series, and a female version of the Robin character, Carrie Kelley, for DC Comics.

Miller is noted for combining film noir and manga influences in his comic art creations. “I realized when I started Sin City that I found American and English comics be too wordy, too constipated, and Japanese comics to be too empty. So I was attempting to do a hybrid”.[3]



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