Atlanta From The Ashes

September 4, 2017

Atlanta From The Ashes

An exploration of Atlanta’s resiliency, and how the youth of Atlanta can look to the past for leadership and perseverance to move forward.

Premiere on Nowness: nowness.com/series/portrait-of-a-place/atlanta-from-the-ashes-andrew-litten

Presented by Church’s Chicken

Directed by Andrew Litten
Cinematography by Kristian Zuniga
Original Music by Omar Ferrer

Executive Producer: David Kwon Kim
Producer: Brandon Smith
Content Producer: David Gutlay
Field Producers: Camille Pendley, Dylan Harrington

1st AC: Daniel Guadalupe
2nd AC: Austin English
2nd Unit DP: Edward Martinez
Steadicam Operators: Richard Volsky, Tim Yoder
Sound Operators: Richard Adams, Lou Rosado
Production Assistants: Meliz Yilmaz, Malachi Lee, Daniel Camacho

Editors: Dillon Hayes, Andrew Litten
Sound Design/Mix: Richard Adams
Colorist: David Torcivia

Agency: BFG Communications
Production Company: Tre Native



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