How Capitalism Ruined Work

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If you’re unemployed, it isn’t because there’s no work. There is, and always will be, work to be done. So...what's going on? Why are there

Louis Rossmann: The REAL reason employees a...

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Many people have their ideas about why workers aren't going back to work. The reality is that most employers used to sell the implication that

Big Pharma — How much power do drug compa...

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The pharmaceutical industry exerts a huge amount of influence on health policy. Some companies develop highly profitable drugs with public money, while others have been

Capitalism And Monopolies: How Five Compani...

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You're probably aware that Disney owns Marvel and Lucasfilm, but do you really know how consolidated the American media landscape is? In this episode, we're

The Ranks of Global Billionaires: Not All B...

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Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates, two gentlemen fighting back and forth for the title of world richest man. These two individuals seem very very similar,

Vox: How the rich avoid paying taxes

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The richest in America don't make money like most Americans. Most people pay income taxes from a regular job. But many in the top 1%

Jake Tran: Meet the World’s Crypto Billio...

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Jake Tran: Meet the World’s Crypto Billionaires

The Richest: Africa’s $6 Billion Doll...

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Eko Atlantic City will soon be Nigeria’s futuristic city on the sea. It is being built on reclaimed land in the Atlantic ocean and will

Trey’s Trades: AMC Stock – This...

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AMC Stock - In this video, we discuss the pseudo squeeze, and premarket pullback on AMC Stock.

CNBC: How The Rich Avoid Paying Taxes

May 17, 2021No Comments

The more money you make, the more you have to pay in taxes, right? Not always. The ultra-wealthy typically take advantage of rules in the