Petersen Automotive: METALLICA’S JAME...

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In 2019, James Hetfield donated his car collection to the Petersen Automotive Museum. James has always been a car guy and shares his car journey

Inside A $75,000,000 Aspen Ski Mansion | On...

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1001 Ute Avenue - a stunningly luxurious mansion currently on the market for $75 million.

Inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s Tranquil Fam...

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Today AD is welcomed to Montecito by Gwyneth Paltrow for a tour of her peacefully luxurious family home. Paltrow first fell under the spell of

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Teddy Baldassarre: 8 Things You NEED to Know About Watches - A Crash Course to Watches

Inside A £170M 18th-Century London Mansion...

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Today Architectural Digest brings you to Sloane House, the London home of Formula One-heiress Petra Ecclestone, her fiancé Sam Palmer and four frolicking children. During

How The Most Expensive Nannies In The World...

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We go inside the most exclusive school for nannies in the world. They are not just trained to cook and sew, they also learn self-defense

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Japanese chef’s knives are some of the most expensive knives in the world. Just one knife produced at Takamura Hamono in Echizen, Japan can cost

Porsche 911 (992) – Development Of St...

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The 991 embodies the highest development stage of the Porsche 911 to date. It is an extraordinary reflection of this sports car manufacturer’s leitmotif: striving

Luxe Queen: Most Expensive Luxurious Homes ...

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AH, London. Home to red buses, the big ben and that giant ferris wheel. Oh, and these luxury estates. Thank you for watching "10 Most

CNBC: Why Cheap Cars Are Disappearing

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CNBC: Why Cheap Cars Are Disappearing. There are about 40 different car brands in the United States, but one kind of car that appears to