Cassetteboy – Rage Against the Party ...

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Help get 'Boris Johnson is still a F***ing C***' back in the charts, see http://www.borisjohnson.info for details

Andrew Callaghan: Hollywood Antivax Rally

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Here's our coverage from the 'Unity March' in Hollywood, California on October 9, 2021, featuring our old friend Kelly J. Patriot.

Top 10 Worst Things George Costanza Has Don...

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The worst things George Costanza ever did still make us laugh and cringe. Our countdown includes stealing family photo, pulling out IV, fraudulent charity, and

Living with a Lord of the Rings Nerd | Girl...

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So it begins. My boyfriend is making me watch The Lord of the Rings Extended Editions again, so we thought an Extended Edition Girlfriend Review

All Gas No Brakes: Pick Up Artist Bootcamp

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All Gas No Brakes: Pick Up Artist Bootcamp

David Cross: Why America Sucks at Everythin...

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America: the greatest, richest, freest country in the world – or is it? David Cross, of Mr. Show, Arrested Development, and The Dark Divide, joins

How Tinder ruined your dating life | Tinder...

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I’ve been reading online about how hard it is for single people in lockdown as if being in a relationship is a magical fairytale of

Jonathan Pie: Twitter bans Trump

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Jonathan Pie: Twitter bans Trump. What's the point of Twitter if Trump's not on it?

TENET Pitch Meeting

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TENET Pitch Meeting. Christopher Nolan is one of the best directors working today, and one of the few filmmakers who still makes high budget original

Bruno Interviews Pastor Quinn, the ‘G...

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Sacha Baron Cohen poses as Austrian Gay TV host Bruno, and interviews a pastor who "converts gay people".